Aztec’s unique hybrid blockchain model means public meets private for the first time: Ethereum, encrypted. Identity, gaming, and finance will never be the same again.

The novelty of privacy.

Aztec’s unique public-private architecture means you can seamlessly add privacy to any mechanic that exists on Ethereum today.
Prove Anything
Unlike blockchains that execute transactions, Aztec proves the validity of transactions that users have already executed. Prove identity, account balances, access, and more.
Public-private composability
Private trades on public DEXes. Private sessions of public games. Private identity on public social networks. Composable public-private state makes it possible.
Private micro-rollups
Because each Aztec transaction is proven on a user’s device, developers can build private micro-rollups: Arbitrary, local encrypted compute that can be proven in Aztec’s rollup.

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