Privacy Guarantee

The new internet of money is secured by openness, but at a high price — all your counterparties know your entire financial history. Aztec is the ultimate security shield for the internet of money, protecting user and business data on Web3.0.

Identity Privacy

With cryptographic anonymity, sender and recipient identities are hidden

Balance Privacy

Transaction amounts are encrypted, making your crypto balances private

Code Privacy

Network observers can’t even see which asset or service a transaction belongs to

Breakthrough Privacy Technology

Aztec is built on PLONK, the new superfast standard in universal SNARK technology — created by our world-class cryptography team

Fast Transactions

Private transactions are computed in seconds on all devices, and our rollup service saves gas and settles in minutes

DeFi Compatible

Fund and manage your DeFi positions anonymously, and trade them inside the Aztec privacy shield


Program private money — escrow, money streaming, micropayments — your imagination is the limit

Public ERC20 45,000 Gas per Tx

TurboPLONK 5,000 Gas per Tx


UltraPLONK 3,000 Gas per Tx

coming soon

Your private crypto manager

For MetaMask users, is your app for managing your private assets. Today, you can shield and send DAI and ETH for confidential balances. Later this year will integrate the Aztec SDK for wallet-level privacy.


Can’t wait for Aztec 2.0?

Use Aztec 1.0 to bring fast balance privacy to your dApp. Integrate our SDK with one line of code.

// Enable the SDK
  const apiKey = '7FJF5YK-WV1M90Y-G25V2MW-FG2ZMDV';
  await window.aztec.enable({ apiKey });
  // Fetch the zkAsset
  const address = '0x7Fd548E8df0ba86216BfD390EAEB5026adCb5B8a';
  const asset = await window.aztec.zkAsset(address);
  // Send ZkDai 
  await asset.send([
       amount: 50,
  // browse the full docs here 📚 🎉  |

Aztec 1.0 Docs

Stay Up To Date With Aztec

Research Papers


A highly efficient universal SNARK, introducing a new circuit arithmetisation and the notion of 'selector polynomials', bound together by a permutation argument.


Turbo-PLONK initiated the use of arbitrary arithmetic custom gates, whose possibility was alluded to in the original PLONK paper. This enabled breaking further away from the efficiency limitations of traditional R1CS, for example in the performance of elliptic curve operations.


This new scheme extends the Kate,Zaverucha and Goldberg polynomial commitment scheme to enable enhanced efficiency when openning multiple polynomials at multiple points.


Plookup enables extending PLONK's arithmetic gates with lookup gates from pre-computed tables. This opens a path to efficient proofs about "SNARK non-friendly functions" like SHA-256. We call the combination of PLONK and Plookup Ultra-PLONK

Who Is Talking About Us?

Vitalik Buterin


AZTEC is getting into the ZK ZK rollup game.

Outer ZK: hundreds of TPS on mainnet
Inner ZK: every one of those txs is private Layer 2 scaling and privacy is coming.

Layer 2 scaling and privacy is coming.

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Spencer Noon


Starting to believe @aztecprotocol could be one of the biggest product launches on ETH in a long time.

After @VitalikButerin et. al complete the MPC ceremony, users will be able to leverage private operations seamlessly on @metamask_io:

💸 Send
🔄 Swap
✳ Mint
🔥 Burn
💰 Income

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Justin Drake


Today at ZkSummit Zac and Ariel (@Zac_Aztec, @relgabizon) presented Ultra PLONK that can represent a 512-bit Pedersen hash in a mind-bending 64 gates Exploding head This is a potential game changer for witness compression, among other applications.

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Joseph Lubin


Really proud of our portfolio company @aztecprotocol for the awesome results of their PLONK benchmarking test. One step closer to bringing lightning fast private transactions to #Ethereum.

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Anthony Sassano


I think many people are sleeping on privacy/scaling solutions like @aztecprotocol & @StarkWareLtd because the tech can be hard to understand.

The tools being built by these companies and others like them will allow us to take Ethereum apps to the next level!

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Ryan Sean Adams


It really is!

I made it the Bankless Weekly Assignment:

If you want to try to send ZKDAI to an Aztec linked account here's mine:

I'd love to see how the transaction looks in Etherscan!

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Founder/CEO @trpocock discusses how @aztecprotocol aims to bring about a new standard with “the dark contract” so that apps can avoid broadcasting user data.


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