Front-run the future of on-chain privacy

The all-new Aztec Sandbox makes writing privacy-first applications a snap. Run local node infrastructure, utilize comprehensive smart contract and front-end libraries, and test and build with full-stack privacy tooling.

Intuitive, legible DevEx for privacy-first builders

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UTXO Abstraction

Private smart contracts that are as easy to write as, well, smart contracts.

The framework allows developers to utilize Aztec’s sophisticated privacy architecture without having to think about Merkle Trees.


Account Abstraction

Go beyond private keys.

Aztec’s native account abstraction allows for new signature schemes, web2 account authentication, and new paradigms like Face ID signatures.

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Public-Private Composability

Contracts can leverage calls between private and public state, unlocking new smart contract paradigms.

Private sessions of public games. Private voting for public DAOs. Private identity with public credentials.

Aztec’s hybrid blockchain model unlocks limitless possibilities.

Powerful new blockchain primitives

Aztec’s unique privacy-first design unlocks brand-new primitives and frameworks for application development.

Public and private tokens. Private DeFi. Private credentials. Start exploring today.

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Prove Anything

Aztec’s ZK-optimized VM means you can easily prove facts about Aztec and Ethereum state.

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Private State

Compute over private state on users’ devices and enable new blockchain use-cases.

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Unlimited Runtime

Client-based compute means applications with unlimited runtime, unlocking complex account abstraction primitives and more.

Best-in-class tooling

Privacy-first DevEx with no trade-offs.

The Aztec Sandbox comes with all the tools you need to write, deploy, and test private smart contracts.

Aztec CLI

Interact directly with an Aztec Node using Aztec’s command-line tool.

VS Code Extension

A Noir plug-in that makes writing contracts a breeze.

A powerful smart contract framework for private applications.


Make RPC calls to an Aztec Node via Aztec’s Typescript wrapper.

Code examples and tutorials

Familiarize yourself with the Sandbox with smart contract examples and tutorials written by the Aztec Labs team.

Sandbox Code Examples

Unsure where to start? Don’t fret.

Aztec Labs engineers have provided smart contract examples for private token contracts, account authentication, swaps, lending, games, and more.

Private Token Contract Tutorial

Go from 0 to 1 on Aztec private smart contracts with Aztec Labs’ private token contract tutorial.

Learn how to deploy contracts, create accounts, and submit transactions to a local Aztec node.

Start building with the Aztec Sandbox

Use and the Aztec Sandbox to unlock privacy-first applications today.