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The most ambitious software release in Aztec Labs’ history Today we’re proud to announce the Aztec Sandbox, a local developer testnet for building end-to-end applications

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TL;DR The proof generation for a privacy-preserving zk-rollup differs a lot from that of a general-purpose zk-rollup. The reason for this is that there is

The following is written by Zac Williamson, with inspiration and advice from Arnaud Schenk. My fellow companions, my decentralized brothers and sisters. I wish to

TL;DR Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum provide humanity with programmable digital money. By programmable digital money, we mean that users can: Program what digital money

Today, Aztec Labs is excited to share the winning proposal from the prover coordination protocol request for proposals (RFPs) – “Sidecar”. Additionally, we are announcing

Kev Wedderburn is the father, architect, and team lead of Noir, a universal zero knowledge circuit writing language funded by Aztec Labs. We’re excited to