In March 2021, we launched Aztec 2.0, which enables users to shield and send funds privately through Aztec private rollups. Aztec 2.0 utilizes our state

Aztec initially realeased some of its prover code under the Polaris license jointly created with StarkWare. Today we announce that all future releases of code

Hello I’m Zac, the CEO of Aztec. We’re the inventors of the Plonk universal ZK-SNARK and, the world’s first private rollup and one of

At Aztec we’re excited to have launched this week, enabling efficient, completely private transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. JavaScript is not available. So, it

Security Considerations and Bug Bounty Countdown to Launch Today we’re pleased to announce the bug bounty for the upcoming Aztec 2.0 main-net launch. This article outlines the security