A powerful new smart contract framework for privacy-first applications. extends Noir with everything developers need to write smart contracts, with Rust-like syntax, seamless state management, and a library of privacy primitives.

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A privacy-first framework for smart contract developers

Sweet syntax is written in Noir, an open-source Rust-based zk language. Intuitive and legible syntax lets developers write code, not circuits.

Seamless state management

Manage private state headache-free. No more reasoning about Merkle Trees. Just read and write to private storage.

Sophisticated privacy primitives

Import cryptographic primitives like ECDSA and SHA without the hassle of re-implementation. 

Noir, supercharged with smart contract functionality

De-duplicate your work

Zero-knowledge applications require private state management. provides an easy way for smart contracts to manage private state without having to rebuild state management with every app.

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One tree to rule them all

Applications built on the Aztec Sandbox with are composable–whether they’re public or private.

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Access Aztec infrastructure extends Noir’s functionality to leverage Aztec’s decentralized storage and execution back-end.

Tools and support to help you write intuitive private smart contracts

VS Code Extension

Install Noir’s VSC Extension with syntax highlighting, debugging, and more.

Example Repos

Fork examples to get yourself familiar with smart contracts.

Private Token Tutorial

Walk through Aztec Labs’ private token tutorial and go 0 to 1 on Aztec contracts.

A complete set of smart contract features

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