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At Aztec we believe privacy isn’t just a fundamental right, but a creative force for crypto.

Our goal is to unleash the full potential of decentralized technologies by building a fully decentralized, privacy-first Layer 2 network with no compromises.

Are you world class at what you do? Join us on our journey to create new blockchain paradigms.

Leadership Team

Zac Williamson

CEO and Co-Founder

Doctorate in Particle Physics from University of Oxford. Former physicist at CERN and T2K Japan. Creator of AZTEC Protocol, co-inventor of PLONK.

Joe Andrews

President and Co-Founder

BEng Materials Science from Imperial College London. Formerly CTO of Silicon Valley food tech startup Radish. Experienced developer and EF9 Cohort member.

Lisa Cuesta Bunin


Harvard MBA, UPenn Wharton BS. Previously principal at NextGen Venture Partners, a venture capital firm acquired by Brown Advisory, an investment management firm. Launched products globally at Google.

Charlie Lye


BSc Computer Science from Heriot-Watt. 20 years experience. Formerly Principal Engineer at Triptease, C++ Engineer at Bloomberg, C++ Engineer at BetFair.

Scott Siversen


A distinguished career building exceptional finance functions and teams. Most recently CFO for ShapeShift. Earlier leadership roles in ‘Big 4’, banking and corporate finance organizations. Dedicated to facilitating a future where DeFi is the unequivocal standard for a sound economic system.

Andre Omietanski

General Counsel

LLM from London School of Economics. Crypto experience advising KYVE Network, Parallel Finance and other early stage crypto start-ups. In his tradfi life he spent 10+ years at White & Case London and left as Counsel.

Crypto Team

Cody Gunton

Cryptography Engineering Team Lead

PhD, Mathematics (U. Arizona). Postdoctoral research in arithmetic geometry at University of Copenhagen.

Innokentii Sennovskii

Applied Cryptographer

MSci Cybersecurity from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow. Eight years of experience in practical cybersecurity.

Luke Edwards

Cryptography Engineer

PhD, Applied Mathematics (University of Arizona).

Mara Mihali

Cryptography Engineer

MSc Information Security, UCL and BA Computer Science, Cambridge. Formerly at Cryptonet, Protocol Labs working on SNARKs.

Tohru Kohrita

Cryptography Researcher

Mathematician with experience on problems in algebraic geometry. Postdoc years in Japan, India and Germany

Patrick Towa

Cryptography Research Team Lead

Former post-doctoral researcher in the Applied Cryptography group of ETH Zurich.Former pre-doctoral cryptography researcher at IBM Research Zurich during PhD thesis preperation. 

Lucas Xia

Cryptography Engineer

MS in CS at Stanford and BS in CS at UCLA. MS research in prover efficient ZK VMs. Avid competitive programmer.

Sergei Iakovenko

Cryptography Researcher

PhD Mathematics from University of Bonn. Former postdoc in arithmetic geometry at University of Regensburg.

Engineering Team

Kev Wedderburn

Noir Team Lead

BSc Computer Science and Mathematics from Queen Mary University. Two years experience implementing ZKPs including PLONK.

David Banks

Aztec Team Lead

MSc Computer Engineering, University of Marlyand – College Park. Previous experience in EVM game development, DeFi protocol design, python developer frameworks, embedded systems, and FPGA design.

Lasse Herskind

Aztec Team Lead

MSc. Eng from Technical University of Denmark, including Masters thesis on privacy preserving electronic cash. Formerly been part of the Aave Smart Contract team and Deloitte Denmark Nextgen team.

Leila Wang

Aztec Team Lead

BSc Computer Science from National Taiwan University. Previously at King & Wood, and was Senior Software Engineer at Joined AZTEC September 2018.

Phil Windle

Aztec Team Lead

MEng Systems Engineering, Brunel University. Experienced software engineer previously working within the Aerospace and Financial Services industries.

Guillaume Drevon

Software Engineer / Language Designer

MSc Mathematics, Paris VI university, agrégation in Mathematics, Ecole Normale Supérieur, Paris. Experienced software engineer and IT manager with focus on cryptography and zero-knowledge. 

Maxim Vezenov

Software Engineer / Language Designer

BSc Computer Science and Business & MSc in Computer Science from Lehigh University, focused on accelerating ZKP generation. Previous experience as an intern at ChainSafe Systems and Klaviyo.

Jean Monnerat

Software Engineer / Applied Cryptographer

MSc Mathematics, ETHZ & PhD Cryptography, EPFL. 15 years of industrial experience working on various topics such as security engineering and architecture, key management, PKI, software engineering, blockchains and applied cryptography.

Jan Benes

Smart Contract Engineer

MSc Control Systems and Machine Learning (U. West Bohemia). 4 years backend engineer with strong experience in Web3 and Ethereum related technologies.

Spyros Psychoyios

Software Engineer

BSc Computer Science & AI from University of Edinburgh. Relatively new to crypto space with 9 years of full-stack dev experience in multiple companies including Apple, Microsoft & Babylon Health.

Alvaro Rodriguez

Software Engineer

Telecommunications engineer from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Working in the web3 space since 2017, spent 5 years working on p2p poker at ConsenSys. 6+ Years of experience as a fullstack and solidity dev.


Software Engineer

1MSc Computer Science (U. Waterloo). Full-stack, compiler and game development experience. Hobby game developer since a young age.

Tom French

Software Engineer

MSci Theoretical Physics (Imperial). Previously smart contract developer at Balancer Labs.

Santiago Palladino

Software Engineer

MSc Computer Science from University of Buenos Aires. Been coding professionally for 18+ years, and joined the web3 space 6 years ago. Councilmember for The Graph and Technical mentor at Zeitgeist. Previously at OpenZeppelin and 

Rahul Kothari

Software Engineer

Graduated from University of Liverpool. This is my first venture into ZK! Previously at Reddit’s Crypto team and Amazon Alexa. I enjoy engineering with a product first mentality.


Software Engineer

BSc Computer Science and Business. Huff team, fellow at Paradigm.

Alex Gherghisan

Software Engineer

MSc Distributed systems from University of Bucharest. Experienced full stack developer working with Node.js & Typescript. Previously at Adobe, IOHK.

Product & Developer Relations

Cooper Kunz

Product Manager

Formerly CTO at Calaxy, and early employee at Hedera Hashgraph. College dropout (University of Arizona). Fan of Texas BBQ, sour beers, and good software.


Noir Product Manager

Mechanical engineer turned self-taught Web3 enthusiast. On-boarding developers to the ZK space at Harmony zkDAO before joining Aztec.

Michael Connor

Applied Cryptographer

MMath Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath. Three years experience designing and building tools for private smart contracts on Ethereum. Five years actuarial modelling.

Josh Crites

Developer Relations Engineer

Self-taught, on-boarding developers to web3 since 2017. Previously at the Celo Foundation and Consensys Academy.

José Pedro Sousa

Developer Relations Engineer

A music teacher, since 2017 teaching himself software development. Previously at Mindera and Polygon. Loves web3 and privacy space and works for a better, greener world.

Cat McGee

Developer Relations Engineer

Web2 developer turned blockchain engineer turned web3 devrel engineer. Previously AAVE. Comp sci grad. Ran a devrel agency working with some projects such as Algorand, NEAR, Sui, and more.

Commercial & Operations Team

Amal Ibraymi

Legal Counsel

Privacy attorney with experience advising crypto startups on building secure and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystems. Formerly an associate at Willkie Farr & Gallagher NYC. LLM from NYU School of Law and JD from Sciences Po.

Justin Harris

Director of Finance

MS in Tax and Accounting. 5+ years in Web3. Formerly with ShapeShift AG and Kraken.

Melissa Yates

People Operations

15 years experience within Publishing, Fashion and Tech, working with Condé Nast, Apple and Zara.

Genevieve Birdsall

Executive Assistant

New to the Web3 space, has 7+ years experience as a personal assistant and paralegal in law firms in New Zealand and London. Legal Executive Diploma and BA majoring in History and Politics.

Alyssa Gill

Marketing Manager

Howard MBA candidate, BA in Political Science from Penn State University. Previously at web3 marketing agency Serotonin. Web2 career was in startups/venture capital.

Meredith Darden

Developer Advocate

7 years experience building blockchain communities. Privacy advocate. Previously at Oasis Network.

Matt Holford


New to the Web3 space, with +5 years experience as a freelance Graphic Designer; working with top clients such as Red Bull & Michelin Star restaurant ‘Carters of Moseley’. Graduated from Birmingham City University with a BA Honours in Visual Communication.

Travis Shimizu


12 years in the Recruiting and HR space. Previous experience at LinkedIn, Dropbox and Robinhood.