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The latest about Aztec and Noir from the Aztec Labs team.

Aztec’s architecture is a departure from the current trend in blockchains of horizontal scaling via more general-purpose EVM-compatible execution environments. At Aztec Labs we joke

7 years of experience building blockchain communities. Privacy advocate. Previously at Oasis Network. Alyssa (Aztec): Hey Meredith! So the idea of this interview is to

Progress for Private Voting Private voting is the “real-world” default, and for good reason! Public voting has been problematic for DAOs, creating things like 11th

Aztec is excited to announce the finalists from its Sequencer Selection Request for Proposals. We are also excited to announce a formal partnership with BlockScience, an industry

Ethereum-style smart contracts meet encrypted execution in a single zkRollup. At Aztec Labs, our mission has been driving toward an encrypted zkRollup supporting generalized private compute.