Jonathan Wu

Jonathan Wu is the Head of Growth at Aztec Network, a web3 privacy layer, leveraging his passion for blockchain and privacy technology. His professional journey includes co-founding Zevv, a mobile-dining-as-a-service platform, and founding Willow Communities, a venture for single-family conversions to co-living spaces. He has also contributed to Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division and worked in private equity at Bain Capital. A Harvard Business School alumnus, Jonathan maintains a significant presence on Twitter, engaging in dialogues about crypto, privacy, Ethereum, and blockchain. He is based in New York and continues to influence the growth and development of blockchain technologies.

TL;DR Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum provide humanity with programmable digital money. By programmable digital money, we mean that users can: Program what digital money

Today, Aztec Labs is excited to share the winning proposal from the prover coordination protocol request for proposals (RFPs) – “Sidecar”. Additionally, we are announcing

Kev Wedderburn is the father, architect, and team lead of Noir, a universal zero knowledge circuit writing language funded by Aztec Labs. We’re excited to

A Follow Up to Noir’s Hit Debut Alpha from 2022 Noir, the universal language for zero-knowledge applications, is now in beta. Noir was originally created

Aztec achieves Noir alignment Today Aztec Labs is proud to announce that Aztec’s core circuits have been rewritten in Noir. Aztec’s core circuits were previously