Jonathan Wu

Jonathan Wu is the Head of Growth at Aztec Network, a web3 privacy layer, leveraging his passion for blockchain and privacy technology. His professional journey includes co-founding Zevv, a mobile-dining-as-a-service platform, and founding Willow Communities, a venture for single-family conversions to co-living spaces. He has also contributed to Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division and worked in private equity at Bain Capital. A Harvard Business School alumnus, Jonathan maintains a significant presence on Twitter, engaging in dialogues about crypto, privacy, Ethereum, and blockchain. He is based in New York and continues to influence the growth and development of blockchain technologies.

Today we’re releasing NoirJS– a Javascript package for Noir developers who want to build real applications that generate zero knowledge proofs in the browser. Web

Today we’re announcing that as a result of Aztec Labs’ full investigation into a vulnerability in Aztec Connect, we have paid $450,000 to a whitehat

When we compute a ZK circuit we are not just executing some code, but proving that we have executed the code correctly. Take a program

The most ambitious software release in Aztec Labs’ history Today we’re proud to announce the Aztec Sandbox, a local developer testnet for building end-to-end applications

We’ve all heard that “privacy UX sucks.” We tend to agree. Users want to drive a car, not change the oil. We previously discussed how