Introducing Aztec Grants: Funding a Community-Led Privacy Ecosystem

Today we’re announcing the launch of Aztec Grants, which provides support and resources to contributors growing the Aztec ecosystem.

At inception, Aztec Grants is focused on Aztec Connect, the first private bridge for Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem. Full privacy and up to 100x cost savings is available for any DeFi transaction supported by an Aztec Connect Bridge Contract–a 50–100 line interface allowing Aztec’s roll-up to interact with a given Layer 1 smart contract.

Bridge Contracts make it simple and easy to add privacy and cost reduction to existing smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet.

To learn more, read our announcement of Aztec Connect.

Anyone can write a Bridge Contract. Because developing Bridge Contracts is fully permissionless, we believe the path to building a decentralized privacy network runs through our community.

As part of our integrations roadmap, we’ve compiled a list of requested bridge contracts that support core functions for select dapps and have a $2,000 bounty reward upon completion.

Grant applicants can indicate their interest in deploying a Bridge Contract–either by writing a requested Bridge Contract or proposing a new one. Contributors can also get involved by creating dashboards on Dune Analytics, hacking on Noir (Aztec’s private smart contract language), or recommending other ways to advance Aztec’s mission of bringing programmable privacy to Web3.

Our community is vital to accelerating the growth of the Aztec ecosystem, and Aztec Grants is a critical part of supporting and rewarding the broad privacy ecosystem for its collaborative contribution. Please visit the Aztec Grants site for more information or submit an application.

We look forward to building the Aztec ecosystem with you!

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