Introducing zkDAI into the Aztec Private Rollup

The TLDR; Now Supports Private, scalable DAI Transactions

To celebrate the launch, users can shield and send zkDAI for free for the next 7 days (up to a total of 1000 DAI txns). We’ll draw 1000 zkDAI in prizes between the first 100 users to deposit at least 1000 DAI on

Last month, Aztec launched, the first private rollup service on Ethereum. is a private, Venmo-like app that allows users to transact anonymously with one another by attaching aliases to Ethereum addresses.

Within 3 days, added over 8000 new users on the platform and has surpassed $1.5M in total deposits last week. Today, we’re excited to announce that now supports DAI, allowing users to shield and send zkDAI privately.

DAI transactions can now fit into the same private rollup we use for ETH transactions. Additional tokens help scale the network as they increase the throughput and help make transactions cheaper for everyone. Now that DAI is part of the family, it receives the same anonymity and scaling benefits as ETH thanks to the double-layer zkSNARK design of the network.

Why DAI?

Enabling users to transact with stable monetary values was a priority for us at Aztec. Users can now use zkDAI to transact with digital dollars in a permissionless, private fashion. Of all the options out there for dollar-pegged crypto assets, we chose DAI as our first stablecoin for a few reasons:

DAI is the first proven decentralized USD pegged stablecoin on Ethereum. DAI went through several stress tests throughout the crypto market cycles and continues to establish itself as the go-to stablecoin for users who prioritize decentralization and immutability.

DAI isn’t new to us at Aztec — v1 of supported confidential DAI. This time, DAI transactions are far more cost efficient and scalable and now fully private under Aztec’s private rollup. A private DAI transfer is now cheaper than a public transfer.

Looking Forward

With zkDAI, Aztec enables users to pay for goods and services in a trustless, 100% private stablecoin. This is the first step in our goal towards making the scalable infrastructure for micro, private payments on Ethereum. Users paying online with zkDAI will experience true anonymity with their online payments for the first time in Ethereum’s history. Accepting zkDAI as a form of payment enables businesses to accept cross-border payments with ease, and gives users the confidence to transact without advertisers or the rest of the world-building up a profile of their spending habits.

Get started with gas-free transactions today, and win 1000 zkDAI

To give our users a smooth try on zkDAI, we’ll let everyone transact for free for the first 7 days or the first 1000 zkDAI transactions on (whichever comes first). On top of that, we’ll raffle 1000 zkDAI in prizes between the first 100 users to deposit 1000 DAI or more on

To be eligible to win, you’ll simply have to be within the first 100 users to deposit at least 1000 DAI on

Together with the community, we are adding more tokens to the Aztec platform in the coming months.

If you have any tokens you’d like to see on the platform — Join the conversation and let us know on Discord!

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