Privacy Comes to the Rockies: Aztec at ETHDenver 2022

Aztec is proud to be a Meta sponsor at ETHDenver!

What is Aztec?

Aztec Network is a privacy-first zero-knowledge rollup on Ethereum. Our goal is to make privacy a no-brainer.

Aztec’s private payments solution has processed >$40 million of private deposits and transfers —all at ~25x lower cost than other privacy alternatives.

We’re now launching Aztec Connect, allowing users to bridge private assets to mainnet and enabling cheap and private interaction with Ethereum applications.

Welcome to a new era: Ethereum — with ironclad privacy and up to 99% gas savings.

️ Aztec’s Roadmap

We are excited to make private transactions on Ethereum a reality.

In December we announced our $17 million Series A, deployment of Aztec Connect to testnet, and the launch of Aztec Grants.

Here’s what’s coming for ETHDenver and after:

  • February 2022: Aztec Connect DeFi integrations and testnet demo
  • March 2022: Aztec Connect Mainnet Launch
  • Q2 2022: Aztec Connect supports Ethereum signatures
  • 2H 2022: Aztec 3 and release of our privacy programming language, Noir

‍♀️How we’re supporting #BUIDLers at ETHDenver

Aztec is proud to be a Meta Sponsor for this year’s ETHDenver Main Event.

We’ll be offering bounties to #BUIDLers hacking on privacy and scaling solutions. Look out for our full bounty video and announcement on February 11th!

If you’re headed to the conference, here’s where to find us:

  • At our booth: We’ll have a demo of Aztec Connect integrations and swag galore: Plonk t-shirts, Aztec stickers, and one-off hoodies for devs who create novel applications and bridges for Aztec Connect!
  • BUILDWeek Technical Talks: We’re hosting a technical talk covering how to build a private bridge on Aztec Connect. Writing basic bridges is straightforward and intuitive — you can check out our starter kit and sample bridges here.
  • Main Event Panels & Talks: We’ll be on a number of panels and talks covering Ethereum scaling, privacy and encryption. Announcements coming soon!
  • Happy Hour: We’re co-hosting a happy hour on Saturday, February 19th with Notional and Euler with food & drinks at Stoney’s Bar & Grill, just around the corner from Denver Sports Castle on Feb 20 from 5–7pm.

Come say hi!

If you see us around, come say hi — the members of our team headed to ETHDenver would love to chat privacy, scalability, zkSNARKs, and more!

Keep in touch with us!