Announcing Ignition

AZTEC’s mission to deliver global financial privacy is reaching its first major milestone.

As we enter final audit, it’s time to offer you the chance to participate in the network’s setup ceremony in October — Ignition.

AZTEC is a Privacy Network

We’re running on Ethereum today — but to launch, we need your help.

DeFi has already generated half a billion dollars in loan issuance —all of it built on public cryptoassets. But for DeFi to build empires, we’ll need to leverage more confidential assets — things like salary streams, rent, and other private cash flows.

And the leverage systems built on top — these too will need bank-grade privacy, or better.

Just imagine if Facebook, Google, and in fact anyone you interact with, could see your entire bank history

That’s where AZTEC comes in.

The AZTEC Network lets you take control of your financial privacy. For developers, we provide an easy-to-use Zero Knowledge toolkit bringing confidential transactions to your dApps.

Developers can use AZTEC to mint, redeem, send and swap assets through the AZTEC Cryptography Engine, and even distribute or stream income.

The AZTEC MPC Portal, showing a live view of the ceremony throughout the 30 day process

The Ignition Ceremony

The Ceremony commences in October — you can apply to join right now.

The Ceremony will build a ‘Reference String’ — an echo of ZCash’s Powers of Tau Ceremony. AZTEC’s Ignition Ceremony runs a global relay between around 200 participants.

If just one person behaves honestly, the setup is secure

Those not selected for the relay will be eligible for participation in Phase 2, and we can accommodate an almost-limitless number of participants in this second step.

There are two phases:

  1. The Relay — participants hand around the AZTEC Transcript, each rolling their randomness into the scheme
  2. Post-Processing — AZTEC and a wider community of participants build the AZTEC Codex from the Relay phase

Hundreds of participants will take part, selected via several channels.

We Need Your Help

Participating in a global MPC ceremony is a rare opportunity.

You’ll be taking part in the setup of the first private network on Ethereum’s mainnet — one that could help to define the future of banking, and underwrite financial privacy for the next generation.

A Token of our Thanks

All those participating in either the Relay or Post-Processing will receive a t-shirt, to commemorate your involvement in the ceremony.

What’s Involved?

For the Relay, this will involve 1 to 4 hours (depending on your machine) running our MPC software— that’s it. We’ll give you a rough estimate of your allotted time schedule.

You may need to ensure your computer is on standby for up to 3 hours before you participate. We will do our best to schedule you according to your timezone.

How the Ceremony Works

If you want more details on the nuts and bolts of AZTEC and the Ceremony:

  1. Basic — aimed at those without a maths background
  2. Advanced — for the technically curious

When Can I Participate?

Sign up now — we will be accepting submissions until an unspecified date before the commencement of the ceremony in October.

Here’s the link:

MPC Sign ups

We are pleased to invite you to participate in Ignition. In September we will commence a 30 day-long Multi-Party…

An Asset for the Whole Community

One more thing — this Reference String won’t just run AZTEC 1.0.

The Ignition CRS will be a public cryptographic asset that can be used for many future cryptosystems. One such example is PLONK, the efficient universal SNARK recently developed by our CTO Zac Williamson in collaboration with Ariel Gabizon (Protocol Labs and formerly ZCash).

This Reference String will be an important asset for the community, and we encourage you all to join

We look forward to welcoming you to the ceremony, and to the AZTEC network.

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