Thomas Walton-Pocock

Cofounder and former CEO of Aztec. Currently he is the Non-Executive Director at Ingonyama and Founder of Geometry. Aztec, a privacy and scalability solution built on Ethereum, was launched by Walton-Pocock in 2017. His motivation stemmed from recognizing the necessity of a privacy layer on public blockchains for substantial business operations, driven by his extensive institutional background. Before venturing into the blockchain space, Walton-Pocock gained experience in investment banking and private debt management at Park Square Capital.

Layer 2 Privacy arrives on Ethereum Today, Aztec is proud to launch our rollup service — it’s live on mainnet today. Try — where ETH now has a Zcash-style shield.

The perils of transacting on a public network Thanks to Yanay Prop who authored the original draft of this article, and is responsible for 100% of

Polaris v1.0 The “Faithful Prover” Rollup Licence TL;DR Today we’re releasing a new licence template for prover-verifier software, called Polaris — a “faithful prover” licence for rollup code In

We’re Hiring: Senior Engineers The team behind PLONK is hiring! Aztec is the open, programmable privacy network on Ethereum. We’re hiring two senior engineers to join

Our submission to the Reddit Scaling Bake-Off TL;DR ✨ Aztec has built zkReddit ⚡ Current submission exceeds Reddit throughput requirements by 4.6x Compatible with all wallets Transaction & user