The First 10,000 zkDAI

The First 10,000 zkDai

Aztec funds the private Dai contract


Following our network launch last Friday, the Aztec team has today created 10,000 zkDAI by depositing $10k DAI into the contract.

We then sent that whole balance of 10k zkDAI privately from our contract back to ourselves:

1tny8WtHj0ihzV0mKQGZm A
Etherscan confirming the 10,000 zkDAI back to ourselves

What next?

Developers can now deposit, send and redeem zkDAI using our Privacy SDK:

And we’ll be delivering more zk tokens in the coming weeks.

If you’re a community member keen to play around with Aztec, stay tuned for our first dApp allowing you to deposit, send and unwrap zkDAI and other private tokens.


AZTEC is a scaleable privacy network on Ethereum — we enable easy integration of privacy for developers, so you can get on and build your dapp whilst safeguarding your users’ important transaction data.

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