Aztec Connect

Everything you need to build a privacy-first application with Aztec.


A toolkit for Privacy on Ethereum.

The Aztec Connect SDK allows any Ethereum protocol to be integrated in Aztec’s private rollup with a simple Solidity interface and front-end SDK.

Aztec Connect SDK

Expore the tools to help you connect your app’s front-end to Aztec Network.

Aztec Connect Bridge Builder

Explore the simple interface that allows any Ethereum protocol to add privacy and scale to their smart contracts.

Why build with Aztec Connect?

Enable ironclad privacy.

Enable ironclad privacy.

Aztec's encrypted UTXO architecture ensures unimpeachable privacy for users.

Maintain security and liquidity.

Maintain security and liquidity.

No redeploying code. No re-auditing. No liquidity fragmentation. Aztec Connect scales your protocol right where it lives.

Save users up to 99% on gas fees.

Save users up to 99% on gas fees.

DeFi pooling gives users 10-100x cost reduction compared to Layer 1. Same protocol, new savings.

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