Launching Aztec

Privacy on Ethereum has arrived


Today, the Aztec team launches its privacy network on Ethereum!

What can you do with Aztec?

You can incorporate zkDai into your dApp today using our SDK.

Over the coming six weeks we’ll release other zk Tokens onto the network, and in two months’ time we will remove restrictions so you can make completely private custom assets from scratch.

What’s the technology?

Aztec has deployed the two core components of its technology today:

  • Aztec Crypto Engine (ACE)— our smart contract validator on Ethereum mainnet, checking the correctness of every private transaction
  • Privacy SDK — abstracts away the complexities of Aztec’s cryptography, so developers can integrate privacy into their dapps with ease
The Aztec Privacy SDK

Triptych of Privacy

After launching Data Privacy today, Aztec network remains on course to deliver its Triptych of Privacy:

  1. Data Privacy: ✅ Aztec has today launched data privacy — transaction amounts are cryptographically hidden
  2. User Privacy: People watching the network can no longer determine the sender and recipient IDs
  3. Code Privacy: The final flourish — making smart contracts private

Alongside these, Aztec is engineering the solutions required to scale its privacy network.

Privacy in a World of Merchant Data

Privacy is an indelible right and a prerequisite to doing business— it’s a basic defence against data-harvesting and the accumulation of unauthorised access to our most sensitive information, from competitors to snoopers.

Our privacy network acts as a shield between you and the rest of the world — dapps, counterparties, and all other network observers

Public blockchains give us unprecedented immediacy of access to our financial assets, and now Aztec has built the critical defence for users of open Web3.0 networks.

ZeroG Programme

We are making a limited number of free-transaction API keys available to early adopters of Aztec — apply here!

Bug Bounty

We are refreshing our commitment to our bug bounty programme — read more about it here.

Try it out

Aztec is live on mainnet right now — download the SDK to get started:



AZTEC is a scaleable privacy network on Ethereum — we enable easy integration of privacy for developers, so you can get on and build your dapp whilst safeguarding your users’ important transaction data.

Join the Team

We’re on the lookout for talented engineers and applied cryptographers. If joining our mission to bring scalable privacy to Ethereum excites you — get in touch with us at

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